Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hypnosis vs Subliminal Messages

Hypnosis is now a mainstream part of our modern society. Most people are aware that hypnosis exists and knows what it is at a fundamental level. It is a widely accepted and effective form of self-help or treatment. It is relatively fast acting and can make big changes in mind - maybe even pay off after only a few sessions.

However, it is not always convenient to visit a therapist and sit in a trance for 30 - 60 per hour per day if you have a busy lifestyle. It requires that you have both time and money. That said, I like what I can do with hypnosis, or rather what I can do with "anti-hypnosis".

I think most people are already more or less in hypnosis all the time. What I do is I pull them out of their limits in terms of their long-standing negative thought patterns and negative internal beliefs.

Subliminal messages are used more and more. Over the past five years the method has gained more credibility because of the success among people who share their experience on the Internet. It almost seems as if everyone uses them. And there are some very nice advantages of this method.

It works the same way as hypnosis by sending positive suggestions / signals directly to your subconscious mind to change your beliefs and behaviors. The main advantage is that you can listen to them anytime and anywhere, even while you sleep.

On the other hand, can change be more gradual, because subliminal messages are built up gradually in your mind. But there are still a few weeks, and it's still great to achieve a lasting inner change.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Facts about subliminal audio effects

Subliminal audio is a red-hot issue that is tremendous controversy. Different sites offer a variety of opinions and myths about how, when and where subliminal messages are used. However, there are some simple truths about subliminal messages.
It is not "illegal" as claimed by some, but it is forbidden to use in advertising because of its unfair opportunities to manipulate
consumers. However, it is legal to use to support your own personal goals.
It is not just the world-renowned motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, which provides advice on the power of subliminal messages. Golfer Tiger Woods;
and director Stephen Spielberg has admitted that they also use the method.
Companies such as Coca Cola and McDonald's has always been accused of using subliminal messages in advertising.
It is proven that George Bush used a variety of subliminal techniques in their campaigns and speeches. This ranged from using
subliminal audio and subliminal "triggers" for entering the message straight into the marketing videos.
Subliminal messages recognized by the leading self help experts. Hypnotist and motivational speakers such as Paul McKenna, Derren Brown and
Anthony Robbins uses subliminals in their products.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Subliminal message on cassette tape

The unconscious is more open to different interpretations than the conscious. There are numerous scientific studies on how to register and be influenced by subliminal messages using sight and less on sound and speech affect us. By contrast, non-scientific documentation showing that they work. Mallerow outside Dusseldorf is working with subliminal messages on cassette tapes and have done so since the 1980s. The technique involves mixing a voice-over to positive messages of relaxing music. You hear sometimes that something is said but not what. It has created subliminal tapes for all areas of life, from quitting smoking and losing weight to improve their self-confidence or facilitate pregnancy. When we want to change ourselves and our habits, we often thwarted by our subconscious negative conclusions from past experiences so that we know that we are not capable of anything. This technique is "programmed" in such thoughts that we want to steer us in a positive way, to help us to overcome these blockages.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Subliminal influence

That something is subliminal means that it is perceived by the brain, but not of consciousness. Subliminal effect is therefore influence the limits of what humans are able to perceive. The idea has been piloted in the advertising industry to induce consumers to take up the "hidden" messages.

It's the classic experiment of such effects is a film performance, in which the text "Drink Coca-Cola!" exposed on the screen several times, but in such a short time that viewers did not he understand this. The total beverage sales grew during the show and Coca-Cola sales the most. The conclusions one can draw from this is unfortunately uncertain, because other advertising for the drink was in the same film.

Other attempts in the same idea has been to expose parts of the journals to study the scanning behavior of subjects relative to normal scanning. It has been found that the exposed parts in magazines tend to attract the eye, no matter where the parts were retrieved.

We therefore claim that subliminal influence is quite feasible. But this would be more effective than traditional advertising is unlikely. With the methods used so far seems to result rather be significantly worse.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The myth of subliminal influence

The myth is that people can be brainwashed by subliminal influences. This is the main misconception about subliminal messages. Society would probably see the huge different if all that was needed was to put on a subliminal treatment CD to immediately pull on the wires in your brain and make dramatic changes in your life.

The truth is that subliminal audio effects work in a much more subtle way to help you. Subliminal audio will help as they infiltrate your subconscious and help you increase your ability to visualize the inside. In contrast to only learn the material directly, they have a subliminal effect on the key areas in your mind, which in turn affects your ability to learn and express themselves. It will include:

• sharpen your mind and help you learn new information quickly.

• help you focus and concentrate better.

• help you both get motivated and continue to be inspired for long periods.

• increase your memory performance so that you remember what you have learned and studied.

One would say that in this way can develop a person's ability to instantly learn new things, but unfortunately, it is not possible to wake up after a single night's sleep and speak a new language or, for example, waking with the ability to immediately understand sophisticated algebra.

Instead of implanting the information in your mind, the subliminal messages to draw "new lines" to your current internal beliefs and your long-established patterns of thinking. It works by very simple rules and is related to neurolinguistic programming, and positive hypnotic suggestions and affirmations. In this way they help you to learn the types of features that are shared by many successful people that you might to some extent want to emulate. It can be anything from sharing in the thought patterns that are shared by those who have a keen memory to increase your overall ability to educate yourself.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hidden messages can affect you

There is global network of conspiracy theories about what subliminal messages do with us humans. Most scientists are skeptical about how effective it is, but now a research report that despite everything, we can take in information unconsciously.
There are many myths about how to manipulate people with so-called subliminal influence. For example, the old story of how Coca-Cola's logo flashes by in a film, and that makes the crowd go and buy that particular beverage. The story itself is mostly a tale and most researchers are inclined to subliminal influence has very little impact.
But an article in Nature Neuroscience now shows that any message that we will not notice, actually have power.
A group of subjects saw pictures of twelve different kaleidoscopic patterns for two seconds. This happened while they performed a different task so that they would actively be able to put images on the memory.
Afterwards, they would identify the pictures they had seen before, while they were asked if they actually thought he recognized the pictures, or just guessed.
Those who said they had gambled wildly despite the up to 80 percent right, which is considered to show that they took the message - e.g. that they remember the pattern from the picture - but they knew it themselves. If they really just guessed the result would reasonably be entitled to 50 percent of cases.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Subliminals cds- Have Your Subconscious Mind Work For

Would you like to meditate but never find the time to do it. With new knowledge of brainwaves and how they change in different mental states it is possible to enter meditation ultra fast and experience calm, relaxation and have all the health benefits that comes with regular meditation. Binaural waves on subliminal cd's can accomplish this.

Subliminal CD's with brainwave synch.
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Binaural means coming from both ears. It is dual sounds that affect the brains frequencies.

Brainwave entrainment can be accomplished through sound, light and touch sense stimuli. The binaural method is the most common approach.

When you play different frequencies in your left and your right ear it will have a profound effect on the brain. For example it plays 85 Hz in one ear and 97Hz in the other. The beat frequency is 97-85= 12Hz.

Fast Method To Reach Meditative Mind State

In our stressed out life there is so much to take care of and think about that it is really difficult to start with meditation because of the incessant chattering in our minds. What meditation can bring us is among other things peace of mind and this is where binaural waves can help

The binaural sound will make the brain create waves in the beat frequency and there is the gateway to influence the state of mind. The brain emits waves in different frequencies depending on its state. These waves are measured with EEG. When the brain tries to adjust its frequency to the same as "the beat" it will automatically go into that state which the frequency is associated with.

So you see the brain is lured into going to another state. And this state could be any state not just meditation. For instance sleep. Or dreaming. This is a shortcut to reaching a state of mind and you can use this method to gain more focus, train better or even loose weight. The different binaural types that are best suited to a certain state have been thoroughly researched and you can get beats to make a lot of different states at will.

These audio files are available in subliminal cd's or downloads. Click here to download free samples now