Thursday, March 3, 2011

Facts about subliminal audio effects

Subliminal audio is a red-hot issue that is tremendous controversy. Different sites offer a variety of opinions and myths about how, when and where subliminal messages are used. However, there are some simple truths about subliminal messages.
It is not "illegal" as claimed by some, but it is forbidden to use in advertising because of its unfair opportunities to manipulate
consumers. However, it is legal to use to support your own personal goals.
It is not just the world-renowned motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, which provides advice on the power of subliminal messages. Golfer Tiger Woods;
and director Stephen Spielberg has admitted that they also use the method.
Companies such as Coca Cola and McDonald's has always been accused of using subliminal messages in advertising.
It is proven that George Bush used a variety of subliminal techniques in their campaigns and speeches. This ranged from using
subliminal audio and subliminal "triggers" for entering the message straight into the marketing videos.
Subliminal messages recognized by the leading self help experts. Hypnotist and motivational speakers such as Paul McKenna, Derren Brown and
Anthony Robbins uses subliminals in their products.

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