Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hidden messages can affect you

There is global network of conspiracy theories about what subliminal messages do with us humans. Most scientists are skeptical about how effective it is, but now a research report that despite everything, we can take in information unconsciously.
There are many myths about how to manipulate people with so-called subliminal influence. For example, the old story of how Coca-Cola's logo flashes by in a film, and that makes the crowd go and buy that particular beverage. The story itself is mostly a tale and most researchers are inclined to subliminal influence has very little impact.
But an article in Nature Neuroscience now shows that any message that we will not notice, actually have power.
A group of subjects saw pictures of twelve different kaleidoscopic patterns for two seconds. This happened while they performed a different task so that they would actively be able to put images on the memory.
Afterwards, they would identify the pictures they had seen before, while they were asked if they actually thought he recognized the pictures, or just guessed.
Those who said they had gambled wildly despite the up to 80 percent right, which is considered to show that they took the message - e.g. that they remember the pattern from the picture - but they knew it themselves. If they really just guessed the result would reasonably be entitled to 50 percent of cases.

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