Friday, July 9, 2010

Subliminals cds- Have Your Subconscious Mind Work For

Would you like to meditate but never find the time to do it. With new knowledge of brainwaves and how they change in different mental states it is possible to enter meditation ultra fast and experience calm, relaxation and have all the health benefits that comes with regular meditation. Binaural waves on subliminal cd's can accomplish this.

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Binaural means coming from both ears. It is dual sounds that affect the brains frequencies.

Brainwave entrainment can be accomplished through sound, light and touch sense stimuli. The binaural method is the most common approach.

When you play different frequencies in your left and your right ear it will have a profound effect on the brain. For example it plays 85 Hz in one ear and 97Hz in the other. The beat frequency is 97-85= 12Hz.

Fast Method To Reach Meditative Mind State

In our stressed out life there is so much to take care of and think about that it is really difficult to start with meditation because of the incessant chattering in our minds. What meditation can bring us is among other things peace of mind and this is where binaural waves can help

The binaural sound will make the brain create waves in the beat frequency and there is the gateway to influence the state of mind. The brain emits waves in different frequencies depending on its state. These waves are measured with EEG. When the brain tries to adjust its frequency to the same as "the beat" it will automatically go into that state which the frequency is associated with.

So you see the brain is lured into going to another state. And this state could be any state not just meditation. For instance sleep. Or dreaming. This is a shortcut to reaching a state of mind and you can use this method to gain more focus, train better or even loose weight. The different binaural types that are best suited to a certain state have been thoroughly researched and you can get beats to make a lot of different states at will.

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