Friday, February 25, 2011

Subliminal message on cassette tape

The unconscious is more open to different interpretations than the conscious. There are numerous scientific studies on how to register and be influenced by subliminal messages using sight and less on sound and speech affect us. By contrast, non-scientific documentation showing that they work. Mallerow outside Dusseldorf is working with subliminal messages on cassette tapes and have done so since the 1980s. The technique involves mixing a voice-over to positive messages of relaxing music. You hear sometimes that something is said but not what. It has created subliminal tapes for all areas of life, from quitting smoking and losing weight to improve their self-confidence or facilitate pregnancy. When we want to change ourselves and our habits, we often thwarted by our subconscious negative conclusions from past experiences so that we know that we are not capable of anything. This technique is "programmed" in such thoughts that we want to steer us in a positive way, to help us to overcome these blockages.

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